Ambien 12.5mg


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Formula: C19H21N3O
Brand Names: Ambien

Ambien, Edluar, and Zolpimist are used to help you fall a sleep when you first go to bed.




Ambien 10mg is a brand name of the drug Zolpidem, which is a sedative-hypnotic drug. It is a short-term treatment for sleeping problems and insomnia. It directly works on the brain chemicals that may be unbalanced in the people who have sleep problems.

Ambien comes in different strengths and forms. The immediate-release form of Ambien helps in falling asleep; its extended-release form (Ambien CR) has two layers; the first layer that dissolves quickly to sleep fast, and the second dissolves slowly to help in stay asleep.


Ambien 10mg is a short-term treatment for sleeping problems, and it is not to use more than 3-4 weeks. Its dosage depends upon the condition of the patient and his reaction towards it. Generally, a doctor prescribes Ambien 10 mg at the beginning of the medication and makes an increment in dosage according to the patient’s condition. Ambien 10 mg is also prescribed to the older adults because they are more sensitive towards it.

Ambien is not an addictive drug if taken as prescribed, but if someone misuses it, try to overdose to get fast relief than he may become drug dependent. Ambien is less likely to be addicted than other prescription medication, but it is not entirely true because of many case reports of people who are becoming genuinely addicted.

Some people do overdose to get fast relief and become addicted and physically dependent on it. So when you take the medication of Ambien, it is good to stay in touch with the doctor and do not adjust your dosage by yourself.

Ambien is a short-term treatment, which means it is not for long-term use. If someone used it for more than 3-4 weeks, he might go through its withdrawals that can be fatal if the patient does not stop the use of medication. Doctors give alternative therapy to the patients who get overdose withdrawals of Ambien. The use of Ambien high and Alcohol together can also give retreats.

Generally, the symptoms of withdrawals come in 48 hours after the last dose of Ambien. Retreats of Ambien include:

Uncontrolled crying or depression
Panic attacks
Rapid heart rate and breathing
Rebound insomnia
Seizures (rare)
Mood swings
Cravings for Ambien
Nausea or vomiting
Abdominal cramps or discomfort
How long does Ambien stay in the body?

The effects of Ambien after the last dosage may last up to 8 hours., but for more of the patients, it lasts up to for 14 hours.


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